Rental terms



Agreement between the parties of Rental House CAMERA RENTAL AND SERVICES STOCKHOLM AB, 559089-2583

Sankt Eriksgatan 128
113 43 Stockholm

hereinafter named Supplier and the client, hereinafter named Client, the following conditions apply for rental of equipment.

1. Pickup and Return

Equipment pick-up by Client is always from the Supplier at theaforementioned address and be returned by Client to the same address,if nothing else is agreed. The Rental House is open between the hours of8.00 – 17.00 (CET / CEST) and closed for lunch between 12.00-13.00.The Client have the right to pick-up equipment later than the first day ofrental and return equipment earlier than the last day of rental. However,without the reduction of the daily rental price. At pick-up, the Client ortheir representative shall be able to identify themselves with eitherPassport or other Swedish/EU acceptable Identification Card. Should theClient not be able to identify themselves through those means, theSupplier reserves the right to refuse service to the Client.

2. Rental Time

The Rental Time is counted from the date that both parties have agreedupon as first day of rental until the date that the equipment should bereturned to the Suppliers address. A preliminary booking that has notbeen confirmed within 48 hours before the first day of rental, is notconsidered as a booking and the Supplier reserves the right to rent outthat equipment to another Client.

3. Rental Time Calculation

Rental prices are charged during rental period with SEK / per day. Arental day begins at 08.00 on the first day of rental and ends at 07.00 theday after rental if no other agreements have been made between bothparties. Each rental day is charged in full whether or not the equipmenthas been picked up later than the allowed pick-up time or returnedearlier than the latest return time. Each complete week of rental isconsidered to be the same price as four separate days of rental. If theequipment is not returned to the Rental House the last day of rental atthe agreed return time, the Rental House reserves the right to charge theClient a lateness fee equivalent to one day of the price of rental for theexcess period and equipment, there in charging a fee for each new daythat has begun.

4. Liability

The Client is liable for the welfare of the equipment, made by loss ordamage from the moment of pick-up until approved return.

5. Condition of Equipment

The Supplier is responsible for testing the equipment and making surethat it is in functioning condition before rental. The Client has the sameresponsibility to make sure that the equipment they have rented is infunctioning condition and equivalent to their needs. The Clients signatureon each rental contract is to be considered as acknowledge of theequipment?s trouble free condition.

6. Disposition to Third Party

The Client may not rent out equipment nor assign their rights orobligations to a third party without an agreement from the Supplier.

7. Supervision and Care

The equipment should be treated with care and always be under thesupervision of the Client. At return the equipment should be properlycleaned and (with consideration to normal wear-and-tear) in goodcondition. In the case of returned equipment that has not been cleaned,the Client will be charged for necessary cleaning work at 400 SEK / hour.Additional cost for dry cleaning of textiles and similar cleaning may beadded to cleaning costs. The Client has the responsibility of training andeducating their personnel in the care, usage and management as well asnecessary regulations to avoid unusual wear-and-tear of the equipment.It is the Clients responsibility to make sure that their personnel haveenough knowledge of the equipment to avoid mistreatment of equipmentnor make unjustified accusations of the equipment?s condition to theSupplier.

The Supplier reserves the right to refuse service to any Client who aresuspected to not possess the necessary knowledge of usage for thebooked equipment. The Client is obliged to take necessarymeasurements to make sure that rented equipment is transported in asafe way. If the equipment is ?Flight packed?, it?s the Clientsresponsibility to make sure that it is done properly.

8. Rights of Ownership

All equipment rented by the Client from the Supplier is owned by theSupplier. The Client obtains, according to these conditions, only a nonexclusiveright of use by the term specified by the rental period.The Supplier has the rights to at any time use these Rights of Ownershipto dispose the equipment in any way.

9. Damage and Loss

During the rental period, between the time that the Client has picked upthe equipment and the moment that it is returned to the Supplier at theiraddress, the Client is responsible for any damage to, or loss ofequipment. Normal wear-and-tear, decided by the Supplier, is notconsidered damage of equipment. If damage or loss of any of the rentedequipment take place, it is the Clients responsibility to immediately notifythe Supplier of the event. At the event of theft, the Client has theresponsibility to report the theft to the police as well as making sure thatthe Supplier is presented with a copy of the police report. Damaged ormissing equipment is charged at the per day rate until they are repairedor, in the case of loss, returned unless another agreement is made withthe Supplier. Damaged or missing equipment is replaced by the NewAcquisition Principle, wherein the Client will pay the difference in pricebetween what the insurance company replaces and the product costs atcurrent list price. Should the Supplier?s insurance company consider anydamage done either intentional, due to misusage or lack of knowledge,the Client will be held responsible for any costs covering maintenance. Ifdamaged equipment is considered to be beyond the ability to repair, theClient will be charged for replacement of the damaged equipmentincluding any surrounding costs (e.g shipping). The Client should in allrespects see to the Suppliers interests, the wellbeing and safety of therented equipment.

10. Repair

Repairs necessary due to normal ware-and-tear are paid for by theSupplier. Also should that judging be made by the Suppliers trainedpersonnel. Repairs conducted due to additional damages that cannot belinked to average wear-and-tear are paid for by the Client.

11. Insurance

All of the equipment is insured by the Supplier. The excess is equal tohalf a Swedish base amount (calculated annually by the SwedishRiksbanken). Equipment is not covered by insurance in Russia, war orconflict zones.

12. Restrictions of Responsibility

If completion of commitment, according to the contract, by any of theparties, are prevented by circumstance beyond the parties abilities(Force Majeure), such as working conflicts, lightning strike, war,mobilization or major military conscription, requisition of, impoundmentof, currency restrictions, authority regulations, revolt or riots, limitations/restrictions or general shortage of transportation/ goods or energy anddefects or delay in delivery from sub-contractors, by aforementionedcircumstances, shall this be grounds for amendments such as timedelay, waived damages, and other consequences. In reference toparagraph 4, the Client is liable for the risk of damage or the loss of theequipment from the moment of pick-up until approved return.

This means that, amongst other things loss and/or damage to theequipment (regardless of cause and occasion) during the rental period, isThe Clients responsibility, according to this agreement, and may not bewaived. The parties responsibility, on the grounds of this contract, withthe exception of the collection of rental fees and the collection ofadditional charges, will not include collateral damage or damages thatthe erroneous part could not reasonably have taken into account. TheSupplier shall thus not be imposed charges for faulty or damagedequipment, production (time) loss or delays.

13. Collateral Damage

The Client is responsible for any damage, and harm, caused to them, ora third party, in connection with use of the rented equipment during therental period.

14. Terms of Payment

Payment of the rented equipment shall, if nothing else is agreed, be donewithin 30 days after the Day-of-issue of the invoice. Equipment canceled,less than 48 hours of rental start, will be charged a fee of 50% to therental cost, if nothing else is agreed. Delay interest will be charged, withreference interest, plus 8% of rental fee, after the due day. For every sentpayment reminder a charge of a Statutory reminders fee will be applied.VAT will be added to rental fees and charges, except for foreigncustomers that presents a VAT number. The Client is liable for surpluscharges regarding shipping and handling in connection to equipmentpick up, and is also liable for surplus charges in the regard of subrentals,shipping and handling, in connection to delayed equipmentreturn.A fee of 690 SEK ex.VAT per started hour, will be charged forunwarranted faulty reports if the Suppliers personnel has been engaged.Objections to the invoice shall be issued, at the latest, 14 days after theDay-of-issue of the invoice.

15. Change in Price

The Rental House reserves the right to changes in prices that may berelated to the general price situation without any further notice.

16. Change of Terms

Change, and amendments, of rental contract shall be done in writing

17. The Rental House Right of Annulment

The Supplier reserves the right of annulling any contract if The Client hasa payment notice of more than fifteen days, or The Client has filed forbankruptcy, had property seized, cancelled payments or are in suchinsolvency that pay, rent or other charge, reasonably judge, will not bepaid. Corresponding right of annulment will be applied if the equipmentis exposed to abnormal wear and tear, or in such misuse that extensivemarket value decrease is imminent, or if The Client disregards theconditions of this contract, and the disregard is not of only minorsignificance to the Supplier. With any annulment, according to thisparagraph, the Supplier reserves the right to return the equipment on theexpense of the Client.

18. Dispute

Disputes pertaining to payment of invoiced rentals, rental related feesand charges, shall be tried in the courts, and the first instance will be theDistrict court of Stockholm.Suits of liquidation, through Special Execution, will be handled by theHead of Enforcement District.Other disputes pertaining to this contract, or judicial procedures from thiscontract, will be settled by the rules set out by the Chamber ofCommerce of Stockholm.

19. Special Conditions

In rental of special equipment, such as underwater camerahousings, separate contracts shall be established.