MiniPapi (audio to Alexa Mini)


MiniPapi (audio to Alexa Mini)

Microphone Pre-Amplifier

At just 4 cubic inches and 4 ounces, the Mini Papi is a tiny Pre-Amp with a lot of punch. It is designed to fit on the smallest of cameras (such as the Alexa Mini or RED), and also in the smallest of sound bags. Although it is small, it has a quality and design features of larger, more expensive Pre-Amps. It has a wide dynamic range that offers a full sounding Low-end. The gain control has 74dB of gain with 60dB of range. There are 2 Limiters, a continuously variable Bass-cut, switchable output level, isolated power supply, Front-end RF filter, chassis- mounted connectors, alternate USB powering, and 48-volt Phantom Power that will power even the hungriest of microphones. The Mini Papi is a new generation of portable Pre-Amps. It offers near studio sound and multiple features in a tiny size!

150 kr

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Key Features:

  • Tiny size

  • Weighs just 113 g

  • 74dB of gain with 60dB range (rotary control)

  • Continuously variable low-cut filter from OFF to 160Hz

  • Limiter on both the Front-end and Back-end to virtually eliminate clipping

  • Full 48 volt phantom power with On/Off switch and LED indication

  • Output level indication by 4 LED lights

  • Switchable output with 0dB or -20dB

  • Power On/Off switch with LED indication

  • Front-end filter to reduce RF interference

  • Full XLR input and TA3 output

  • Two Power Output options by either Hirose or micro USB

  • Isolated Power Supply

  • Power from 5-18 volts

  • Aluminum Chassis